Industry Sectors



Fossil Fuel origins can be traced back hundreds of millions of years ago and even now Petroleum & its derivatives form essential part of modern day infrastructure.
Petroleum is made up of hundreds of hydrocarbons molecules which are extracted in the form of Crude Oil and Natural Gas. The process of extracting the Crude Oil and Natural Gas are primarily divided into three major divisions of the Petroleum Industry – Upstream, Midstream and Downstream. And Valves of various range and kind constitute a major essential role in all of the above three Divisions.
Fevisa manufactures Range of Valves caters to all of the above three divisions of the Oil and Gas Industry.


Upstream Sector deals with the exploration and production of Oil and Gas. This involves corporates who are actively searching for underground sources (also referred as ON-SHORE) and underwater sources (also referred as OFF-SHORE) of crude oil and natural gas. Drilling Equipment and Technologies to extract the crude have developed over the years. In order to handle the extreme high pressure of the crude, along with the sophisticated machinery that are used, Wellhead Valves (API 6A Valves) are extensively used.
Fevisa with its strong supply base, manufactures wide range of Wellhead Valves and assist clients in sourcing associated Wellhead Manifolds, BOP etc
Please refer to the Product Range Section for more details.


MIDSTREAM Oil & Gas sector involves the transportation of crude or refined petroleum products, usually via pipeline, oil tanker, barge / vessels, truck or rail and are transported to Refineries or similar derivative process plants. The midstream sector also includes the storage of these products in Tank Farms to enable crude oil marketing & distribution. Owing to the diversity and complexity of the Industry, at times facets (particularly VALVES) of Upstream & Downstream are associated with Midstream Oil & Gas Sector.
Some of the sub divisions of Midstream Industry as follows
PIPELINE & Distribution Pipe Networks – BALL VALVES / ESD VALVES
LPG / LNG / CNG Fractionation Plants – CRYOGENIC VALVES
Tank Farms – Standard Valves
Loading Terminals – Standard Valves
Shipping Vessels / Barges – Standard Valves
Compressor / Pumping Stations – Standard Valves
Various Valves such as Big Size Ball Valves, such as 30”(Inches) & Above along with Gas Over Oil Actuators are used in Cross Country PIPELINE projects and FEVISA along with CHEMTORK ACTUATORS provide complete VALVE AUTOMATION Solution to our clients. Please refer to Product Range section for more details.

1.3 Downstream Oil & Gas– wide range of VALVES & ACTUATORS

Refining, Processing and Purifying of Crude Oil and Natural Gas constitute the DOWNSTREAM Oil & Gas Industry .The downstream sector is the final stage of the process and refers to the refining, processing and purifying of crude oil and natural gas.
Refinery – Diesel Oil, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, other Fuel Oils, Propane, Butane, Kerosene, Heating Oil, Lubricants
Various Valves are used in a typical refinery right from the Distillation Column, Coking Units, Cracking Units, etc. Fevisa can supply the entire range of Ball, Plug, Gate, Globe, Check, ESDV, MOVs, Control Valves etc. for the above applications with varied pressure & material combinations.
Other by products & derivates refining includes Bitumen / Asphalt / Tar / Synthetic Rubber / Plastics / Polymers etc – Fevisa manufactures range of Stem Jacked Plug Valves for these high viscous / semi solid / fluid mediums, along with other regular Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly Valves.