The Trends for Industrial Valve Markets in Future

Industrial valves are used to regulate the liquids, gases, and slurries. Based on the type, function, component, size and utilization Industrial Valve Markets have been split up. These industrial valves wield wide usage in the refinery, chemical, pharmaceutical, water and wastewater treatment, food and beverage, power, oil & gas sectors around the world.

During 2015-2020 the market for industrial valves registered a moderate growth with estimated USD 48 billion in the year 2020 and it is expected to reach USD 85 billion by 2025. In 2017 wide range of companies have brought innovative use of their products involving industrial valves by resorting to internet. Consequently, the increasing requirement of industrial valves has seen a phenomenal growth of late and anticipated huge rise in future too.

Utility of Industrial valves in various industries are,


Heavy power plants employ different category of industrial valves and usage there of being seen in the area of fuel storage, gas pipelines, heat exchangers, flash tanks etc. The function of industrial valves in power and energy industries consists of open and close, control the flow direction, regulate, increase and decrease the flow. Further water cooling, steam turbine systems, pollution control, and chemical treatment are some of the operations carried out in power and energy industries.


There exists ever increasing for industries dealing in waste water management. These industries use industrial valves to do a specific function that include Water storage, Filtration systems, Disinfection systems, Control units, Pumps and more. Butterfly valves plays significant role in the above applications. By these industries adapt themselves to the frequent changes happening in the environmental policies.


Industrial valves handle the extreme conditions of oil and gas industries. They are active in the process of gas liquefaction, treatment and storage. Ball valves and Gate valves are opted for the corrosion resistance in these operations. Fevisa being the best Ball valve supplier and Gate valve supplier, they always strive to ensure customer satisfied products.

Ball valves are used in gas pipelines. Gate valves are used for the pipelines handling refined products. Hence industrial valves are used for high-pressure designs, metallurgies, and metal seating to tackle the situation.


Time ahead, Food and Beverage industries hold a bright future as such these  industries are putting their efforts to meet their demands. Butterfly valves play a vital role here. As one of the important Butterfly valve suppliers, Valvulas Fevisa meet their market demands.

There are two types of valves used in the food and beverage industries, one is direct valves they come in contact directly with food, to bear up against corrosion stainless steel is always used in these direct valves. Another one is utility valves they do not come in direct contact with food but then they follow certain rules and regulations to assure the safety.


Fevisa being the market leaders in various categories of Industrial valve suppliers who ensure all safety norms and face impending challenges in the field. We have superior functional capability with international standards like WRAS approved Valves and UL FM approved Valves Fevisa is renowned Valve Stockist in Dubai as their valves are all prevalent product in industries there meeting their needs. Our Valves Made in Europe so our valves are popularly called as Europe Origin Valves we are well known for supplying stock valves for various industries around the world.