Selection Method of Globe Valves


The globe valve, as the name suggests is a linear motion valve with a round globular shaped body which
is commonly known as a form of mechanism that is used mainly to impede or regulate the flow of gas or liquid within a pipe. It has a seat that is well structured right in the middle and in turn parallel towards the pipe which has the opening enclosed by using a disc. The globe valve has a plug that is connected to a stem that functions by means of a screw action in the manual valves.

Control Method:

The globe valve has a disk that opens completely or closes completely the flow path. This action is done in a perpendicular movement to that of the disk away from the seat. The circular space present between the disk and seat ring gradually changes in order to facilitate the fluid flow through the valve. When the fluid travels through the valve it changes the direction many times while increasing the pressure as well. Generally, these valves are fitted with a stem vertical while the fluid stream is connected to the side of the pipe above the disk which helps in maintaining a tighter seal when the valve is fully closed.


Globe valves are used for the throttling systems because the change of gradual spacing between the disk and seat ring gives these valves a good throttling ability apart from this they are used as shut on/off valves. It can also be utilized in other applications due to its linear motion but only as long as the pressure and temperature limits remain under the control.


The globe valves are used for both liquid and gaseous systems, but these are not preferred for slurry or high purity systems. Here in this valve, the media flow rate is determined by the distance between the valve seat and the valve plug.

Selection Criteria:

Being mainly used as a block valve or for flow regulation, where the resistance to the flow is not of a positive or critical closing action. Having a winding action configuration which is typical of the closing method results in higher resistance to flow compared with other valves. Further, these valve types are made out of metallic alloys but there are few products that use synthetic materials which are utilized according to the temperature, pressure and controlled media properties. These valves can last longer once it gets treated with the process of erosive and corrosive steams that requires a proper materials selection and body coatings.

In order to know the ideal valve to use, here is a selection guide as suggested by a typical Globe Valves Supplier:

• While selection look for linear actuators that are directly coupled and have passed the quality control specifications i.e., UL FM approved valves and WARS approved valves which guarantees that the valve manufacturers were able to meet required and demanded quality.
• The coupled actuators should be structured in such a way that they are easy to mount and should be done without any need for any adjustments, adapters, linkages or brackets.
• Always select from among the models that will suit your need particularly give preference between water and steam control.
• The globe valves should be built based on the percentage of flow characteristics in accordance with water and characteristics of linear flow along with steam applications.
• The valve’s accurate positioning should be verified to ensure when in use they will provide proper temperature control.
• Search for the valve models that contain a pressure balance since it helps to obtain a higher closure.


Now that the factors that need to be considered while selecting an ideal globe valve are known, we need to use them so as to ensure that we will be able to obtain a product that is of mint condition.

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