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Paint industries uses basic raw materials like solvents, resins, additives and pigments. The prime pigments are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Resins are ingredients that binds the pigments and additives of paint together. Solvents are of various types like aliphatic , alcohols or petroleum distillate, esters, glycol ethers etc. Fillers like lime, clay, talc are used for maintaining the viscosity of paint.
Floating ball valves are used in paint industry due to the full bore requirement and due to the viscous nature of the fluid. Predominantly the modern paint industry are also operated through DCS and most of the pneumatic actuated ball valves are used. The material commonly used are either stainless steel (SS316) in these applications. Besides ball valves standard EPDM seated PN 10 or PN 16 rated butterfly valves are used as water is used for the solvents. Pneumatically operated valves with two solenoid valves to operate on partial to full closing (batching sequence) are used in the mixing vessels to maintain correct proportion of the liquids. The size of valves predominantly range from ½” to 6” size in 150#.
Adhesive industries like the paint industry use pneumatic and manual ball valves to have smooth flow of viscous liquids. In critical applications they also use jacketed valves to maintain smooth flow of fluids. The reactors have bottom discharge for the gravity flow and here flush bottom valves (Y type) are used. The sizes vary from 3” to 6” depending upon the bottom outlet flange size.