How do Floating Ball Valves Work?

Floating ball valve uses a ball as the formation to prevent the flow of liquid and to shut the cross-section of the pipe.The main characteristic of a floating ball valve is, the ball has no definite structure to support it and it remains dangled in the fluid while the valve seats are static.

There are different standards available in floating ball valves some are, Design standard API 608, Test standard API 598, Fire Standard API 607, etc.


Floating ball valve is categorized by,

One-piece floating ball valve:
One-piece floating ball valve and flange gate valve are the same type of valve but the difference exists in the closing part only. A sphere is used in one piece ball valve facilitating its rotation around the centerline of the body. The ball valve is mainly used to shut off, dispense and change the direction of the medium in the pipeline.

Two-piece floating ball valve:
Two-piece floating ball valve has two parts one is on the left and another is on the right, these two parts are connected by threads and bolts. This type of valve can withstand both high temperature and high-pressure conditions.

Three-piece floating ball valve:
In three-piece floating ball valve, the body is composed of three segments from left to right, one is the main body and the other two segments are bonnets; the ends are connected through threads and bolts like two-piece floating ball valve.


Floating ball valve has the ball inside the valve that is kept in the particular position by compressing two elastomeric supports towards the ball so that the ball can float inside the valve. To control the fluid, the ball is drooped in the flowing liquid by directing elastomeric seats.

At the top of the ball, the shaft is connected and allows the switch from open to closed position with a quarter-turn movement. When the shaft is moved, a load is applied to the ball which gets pressed against its seats. The ball floats and the seats are stable. This design is highly feasible and it suits bore sizes up to 10 inches. Floating ball valves allow a bi-directional shut-off to the flow. Valvualsfevisa being the ball valve supplier deliver reliable products, and they are known for being the best valve suppliers all over.


• Floating ball valve is simple in design, small in size and weigh less,
• Plastic is used for sealing purposes, which has a good sealing performance and is safe to use,
• It is easy to operate, fully open and closed position, at ease by remote control.


• The sealing surface may suffer damage when roughly used,
• If the medium contains particles, then it is not suitable for those applications,
• Heavy sealing is needed for hard sealed valves.


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