A Globe valve is a valve regulates flow in a pipeline, it starts, control and regulates the flow of liquid or gas. Globe valves are spherical body in shape with movable disc and unmovable ring seat, these two halves are separated by an internal baffle, it has an opening that is stewed to shut the valve. Globe valves are used where the pressure drop through the valve is uncontrollable because they exhibit high-pressure drops when compared to other valves.

The working principle of the globe valve is, when the handle wheel is rotated in a clockwise direction, the steam and valve plug will move downwards and the plug will be located between the two valve seats, therefore there will not be leakage of fluid when the valve is closed. On the other side, when the handle wheel is rotated in the anti-clockwise direction, steam and valve plug will move upwards, the valve will be opened and it allows the flow of liquid in the globe valve.

Globe valves are highly useful in many applications where the steady flow of liquid is not highly required, some are water cooling systems, boiler, fuel oil systems, turbine oil systems, and more. Valvulasfevisa is one of the foremost Globe valve supplier.


  • Globe valves have higher shutoff capabilities,
  • They have high throttling capabilities,
  • It is easy to maintain,
  • Globe valves have a lower stroke when compared to a gate valves,
  • Globe valve can be used as a stop-check valve and more.


A Butterfly valve is a valve that regulates the flow of a liquid, it allows for the rapid shut off and the mechanism of butterfly valve is similar to the ball valve.  Butterfly valves are also known as flap valves.

The working principle of Butterfly valve consisting of a circular disc with a stem in the middle offset, while rotating the actuator, the disc turns either parallel or perpendicular and pressure drop is imparted by the disc even when its open.

Butterfly valve belongs to the family of the quarter-turn valve because the disc is rotated in quarter-turn even if it is open or closed. There is a disc on the rod, when the valve is closed the passage is blocked by allowing a quarter turn, the metal disc used here is known as butterfly which is the main part of the valve. Valvulasfevisa delivers premier products, they are known for Gate valve suppliers, Butterfly valve suppliers, ball valve suppliers, water valve suppliers, and more.


  • Butterfly valves are recommended more because they cost less when compared to other valves
  • They are small and light-weight so easy to maintain
  • Installation is easy when compared to other valves
  • They are well-founded and require less maintenance
  • Butterfly valves are very accurate so highly preferred in industries and more.



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