Fire Valves

Fire Safe Valves are the valves that has the ability to maintain their pressure holding capacity during and after exposure to fire. The reason for using this kind of valve we use is because of the higher possibility of hazardous/flammable fluid getting leaked from the valves during an event of a fire.

As opined by an expert Valve Stockist in USA, if non-fire safe valves are used for a fluid that is flammable having a higher chance to be exposed to the pool of fire during an accident, then leakage will occur from the valve stem seal that already might have melt. Thus, as suggested a need for a fire-safe valve that doesn’t leak when exposed to fire is the need of the hour.

Fire-safe valves work this way:

There are actually two kinds of leak that is supposed to be avoided when a valve is exposed to a fire accident which leads to leakage from the stem and leakage from the seat. Owing to this there are two distinct methods to achieve a fire-safe design, as formulated by expert Valve Manufacturers by the usage of a fire-proof component or by use of a non-fire proof component which is supported by a special design that prevents leakage after the components melt in case of a fire mishap.

  • The First suggested method design is by the use of fire-proof components that are usually referred to as inherently fire valves.
  • The Second suggested method is by using a non-fireproof component usually referred to as fire tested valves.

Fire safety valves being a recent development in the industrial tools to prevent fire are basically designed to prevent a fire from spreading if the fuel valve gets damaged causing a leakage.

Actually these valves are spring-loaded valves that are thermally actuated which in case of fire, close automatically stopping the fuel flow from the crankcase of the engine thus the reserve oil supply gets stopped, minimizing the chances of leakage occurring.

The benefits of using these valves are the protection of human lives, lowered insurance rates, and the protection of equipments along with the buildings it is placed.

It is because of all these benefits that the use of these valves is highly appreciated and recommended by the leading Valve Suppliers.

Types of valves used in fire-safe service:

Under the scorching high temperatures, it is necessary to use metal construction for the valves, the reasons why the primary valve types to be considered for fire-safe are gate and globe valves because of their metal-to-metal seating.

The soft-seated rotary valves include the ball valves, plug valves and butterfly valves. All the manufacturers of rotary stem valves in order to prove bubble-tight shutoff in the normal valve operation as well as fire safety are employing two types of valve seating arrangements.

  • Here in the first system, for the fire-safe ball valves,a metal sealing usually occurs when, the floating ball moves downstream to contact a machined surface in the body which matches the shape of the ball.
  • The second system typically used by some of the high-performing butterfly valve supplier and manufacturers is not wholly depending on the total seat burn since a resilient seat and metal seat primarily contacts the disc at the same point of time.

If the valves are of a two/ three-piece body design, then utmost attention must be paid to the body seal materials to prevent a worst leakage during a fire accident. The butterfly valves generally use a rigid disc and a stem connection where the packing material is graphite due to its ability to withstand higher temperatures of 700°C). The one-piece body design of all most all of the high-performance valves ensure to eliminate body seal leakage efficiently.

Fire Proof aka Future Proof:

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