Ball Valve Types, Pros and Cons

Ball valves are those mechanical devices which are capable of guiding, controlling, modulating and directing the flow of substances like pressure, gas, liquids, etc.

It is a part of valve family of the quarter turn type. The unique feature of a ball valve is its ball-shaped disc which is hollow acts to start or stop the media flow.


• Low maintenance cost.
• Time & labour effective to operate.
• Great switch on/off capacity.
• Minimal pressure drops.
• Minimal leakage through wear & tear.


• As control or throttling valve, it is not suitable.
• Not suited for a denser media since sedimentation can occur and damage the valve seat & disc.
• Surge of pressure can occur due to rapid opening and closing.

Applications :

Most of the industrial applications need the protection from leaks. This is particularly important to those which require tight shut on/off mechanisms. Examples of these types are the purely liquid or gaseous applications which includes natural gas industries, chemical storage etc.

Different ball valves can be classified based on different features such as:

By Valve Openings :

1) Full Port Type: This type has the similar internal diameter type as the attached pipe internal diameter. The main advantage of this type of design is the reduced friction. It is often used in the refining & the petrochemical industries, since this design does not restrict fluid flow, though it is more expensive for the installation.

2) Reduced Port Type: This type has the smaller internal diameter in the middle and Pipe size internal diameter on the Ends. For Example, 3” Ball valve will have 2” Bore in the Middle and 3” Bore in the Ends.

By Number of Pieces

1) Single Piece Design
2) Split Piece (Two Piece/Three Piece) Design

By Ball Movement

1) Floating Type: In this type, it is the most common ball valve design and the ball inside the valve is of a floating one. It is only supported by two seats which are made from a soft elastomeric material. The stem connected on top of the ball makes the quarter turn.

2) Trunnion Type: Within a trunnion ball valve, the ball connects to the stem on one end and on the other end a shaft called the trunnion. Due to this design change, the ball is held firmly in place. They are suitable for low, and high-pressure applications, and offer lower operational costs.

By Body Arrangement :

A Ball Valve Supplier usually categorizes the ball valves based on their body arrangement into Side entry, Top entry, Three-way or Four-way and Rising Stem type.

1) Side Entry Type: This type of valve has the ball as well as other internal parts encased in the Body, and the Bonnet will be fitted on the side of the Body by the bolts.

2) Top Entry Type: This type of valve has the bonnet cover located on the top part of the ball thus allowing easy removal, assembly, and repair of the internal valve parts.

3) Three-Way/ Four-Way Type: This type of valve have Entry on three/four sides while the flow will enter from one end and pass through other ends in different directions.

4) Rising Stem Type: This type of ball valve has a stem embedded in the seal so that both the sides don’t touch each other. As a result of which it eliminates friction between the two. This type of design reduces uneven the wear and tear of the seat.

By Material : 

The Valve Manufacturers mostly use common materials like Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Bronze, Brass, PVC and based on it categorize it.

Before sourcing and investing in the valves, it is very important to the understand the Temperature to which these valves may differ from one another since this is the perfect methodology for a better result that is much necessary for the functioning these valves are intended for.

Conclusion : 

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